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New Fashion Trends For 2013

Posted on: January 1, 2013

mcx-nyfw-trends-creatures-of-the-wind-look-17-lgnChambray and Denim: This style is all over the runways for Spring 2013. Want to be fashion forward? Trousers and blouses like this are perfect for showing off your style sense. It’s supposed to imitate work clothes from the 1900’s. Cool, right?

mcx-nyfw-jason-wu-look-35-lgnSheer Clothing: This is a must have for spring 2013 fashion. It reminds me a bit of color blocking because the whole shirt isn’t just see-through. Only some of it. That’s a big point. When heading to the store to get these kinds of shirts make sure only part of it is sheer. Not the whole shirt. It even looks great on dresses and skirts.

mcx-nyfw-dvf-look-8-lgn-46113508Slice And Dice: This kind of clothing is gonna be popular this Spring. This is the style where their is some unexpected cuts in your shirt,dress, etc.. I don’t reccomend wearing this dress to school. It might be a bit inapropriate! 🙂

Hope this helped! Another style that I don’t have a pic for is water themed clothing. It’s ALL over the runways!




2 Responses to "New Fashion Trends For 2013"

Slice and dice is a different look, I can’t wait to see how designers will incorporate this in their lines for 2013!

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